Sea to Sky Outdoor School has developed a reputation within the province and increasingly across the country for providing amazing learning experiences for youth. These programs that touch students in powerful ways are a product of the people who deliver them. What follow are brief 'bios' of the full-time seasonal staff that make this possible.

Robyn Ashwell

aka Tarn

Robyn Ashwell is a visionary small business owner and entrepreneur, who co-founded Shift Delivery in Vancouver. She has received accolades as a young business woman, including being named one of Corporate Knights' "Top 30 under 30 Sustainability Leaders". ‘Tarn’ has extensive facilitation and training experience and last fall stepped in as a Sea To Sky Islander and wowed seasoned islanders with her competency and generally good-natured approach to being in the world. 

Chael MacArthur

aka Tuckamore

The word 'Tuckamore' describes the stunted Balsam Fir (Var) and Black Spruce that grow on the rocky shores of Newfoundland and Labrador where they brave the salt laced winds of the North Atlantic. Their roots hold firmly onto the rocks; communities of branches mingle together and stretch inward to the land. They create a metaphor for the place that reminds us of the power of resilience and the wisdom of the wild.

A storyteller, adventurer, musician and explorer, Chael strives to live a one planet lifestyle. As Uncle Tuckles would say, “Young Tuck, my son, he's silly wit sustainability.”

Kristopher Korol

aka Whiskey Jack

He is a deep sea diving, herring collecting, wide spread wandering, sailboat sailing, forest dwelling with big sized love for the whole interconnected lot of it.

WhiskeyJack has been working with youth as a sustainability educator for many years and bring a plethora of skills, humor, and fun to every program. 

Rosalind McCanny

aka Mizuna

Mizuna grew up in Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Montreal, and Ottawa, and she feels at home in pretty much any part of Canada. She received her BA from Carleton University and her B.Ed. through Queen's University's Outdoor and Experiential Education program. Rosalind is passionate about using the arts and outdoor adventure to engage the whole student, build community and deepen our understanding of our interconnection to the natural world. Her teaching experience includes leading bike tours and canoe trips in Ontario, working on organic farms, and facilitating outdoor education programs. Rosalind adores finding the value and funk in what might otherwise be overlooked or considered junk. If you don't find her creating new shirts from discarded fabric scraps or meals from the back corners of the vegetable drawer, you may find her cycling, paddling, climbing, hiking, writing stories, or playing the cello.

Ben Turner

aka Canyon

A builder, musician and professional educator, Canyon meanders though the world with thoughtful intelligence.  His dedication to sustainability and education grows from a deep connection to the BC Coast. 

Caleb McIntyre

aka Feather

Feather soars high, travels far, and is forever blowing in the wind.

Feather brings thoughtful dialogue, big adventure and beautiful music to the shores of Howe Sound.  When not guiding  and educating students at Sea To Sky, Caleb can be found wandering the mountains of Vancouver Island and studying at Vancouver Island University.

Caitlin Armstrong

aka Luna

Caitlin Armstrong comes to Sea To Sky from the lakes and rivers of Ontario where she gained a reputation as an energetic, creative and all around awesome educator with The Boundless School. 

Caitlin is the newest staff member at Sea To Sky and we are so excited to add her to our team.  She bring a massive amount of experience and expertise that is a perfect match for teaching on the Sea To Sky Island.

Travis Clyne

aka Cycle

Cycle received his B.Ed. from SFU and B.Sc. in Ecology from UBC. When Cycle is not at Outdoor School, he facilitates camping, cooking and bicycle education programs with youth in Vancouver. Cycle does not believe in waste and cherishes the origins of our food. Compost is his superhero as it turns waste into food! Over and over and over... He has spent years cycling to, and living at ecovillages around the world, where he experienced how living more in tune with the natural world promotes healthy and meaningful lives. Cycle is excited to further his knowledge of forest edibles, teaching to multiple intelligences, and camouflaging during forest games.

Jordan Maynard

aka Goat

Goat loves to run and eat blueberries with his dog Dizzy on the ridges of the Howe Sound mountains. A passionate and engaging educator, Goat uses story and song to teach youth about sustainable agriculture and big picture ideas.  Constantly surprising Islanders with clever teaching strategies, Goat is a pioneer educator.    


Jordan has a B.Sc. from UBC in Agrochecology, and a B.Ed. from Lakehead University in Environmental Science.

Is he a Mountain Goat? Is he a Farming Goat? I guess we'll never know what kind of Goat he is.

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What people say about sea to sky islanders

"Dear Islanders, Thank you so much for teaching me about the importance of Nature. I learned a lot! You taught me that kids can make a difference too. Also thanks for teaching me all the songs. They taught me good lessons."

Thank you Islanders for a cool, fun packed week. I had fun and learned a lot about nature, sustainability, ethics and how I can be a difference. I learned a lot and best of all as I learned, I had fun.

This trip was meant for educational purposes, but I found it more of a fun camp instead of a school camp. When we played learning games you tricked our minds into thinking it was a fun game instead of a learning experience. I learned a lot from this trip. I hope someday I will become an Islander.