"Our Actions Make a Difference"

Grades:  9 , 10,  11 & 12

Duration: 3 - 4 days

During this program students will:

  • Build personal resilience

  • Sit alone in the forest

  • Live technology free for 3 days (cell phone free)

  • Connect with themselves, their community of peers and the natural world.

  • Engage in meaningful activities and discussions about the challenges and crisis of the 21st century.

  • Run laughing through the forest

  • Sing, play, dance, wiggle, be silly.

  • Paddle big canoes.

  • Ask important questions

  • Analyze complex social and environmental issues from multiple perspectives and plan for thoughtful actions to influence positive sustainable change.

The Connections Program provides students with an opportunity to see their world as a connected whole.

Students’ lives are fast-paced, busy and stressful, and this leads to disconnection from themselves, from others, from the natural world.

The Connections program offers a balance of big wild adventures blended with place based education in forested classrooms. Students will explore inter-connected relationships, and build an understanding of the 'big picture': a world buzzing with connections and awash with ripple effects from individual and collective actions. It is from this place that a sense of belonging and citizenship can grow and leaders can emerge.

The connections program both challenges students to step into their playful nature as they explore wild places and to dig into dig deep into their intellectual and academic selves as we ask big questions and challenge them to engage as thoughtful and critical learners.