Our Purpose

Our Mission

Sea to Sky Outdoor School delivers educational programs for students of all ages, preparing a new generation of leaders for the challenges and opportunities of sustainability.

The Challenge

At Sea To Sky Outdoor School, fostering an understanding the interconnected relationship between human systems and ecological systems is at the heart of our curriculum and values.

We believe that the outdoor classroom provides the perfect venue to nurture connections, community and critical consciousness that will empower youth as 21st Century Leaders.  

In the 21st Century, we face a plethora of challenges that will shockingly effect our lives in ways we cannot yet imagine.  The realities of climate change, resource consumption and population growth carry with them innumerable issues of social, economic and environmental justice.  Leaders in the 21st Century will have to focus on building resilient and sustainable communities to overcome these obstacles and manage the unknown outcomes.   

Sea to Sky Outdoor School believes that leadership will come from youth who understand these challenges and can integrate key lessons from nature into their everyday decision making.

Sea to Sky Outdoor School designs and delivers programs that will assist in this leadership development.  We do not have all the answers.  Nor do we presume to know the questions.  We do know that nature can provide the wisdom and inspiration to lead us on the path toward building resilient communities.  

Our Goals

It is our intent that in all Sea to Sky programs, students will:

  1. Increase knowledge and wonder of their natural home;

  2. Broaden understanding of their connection to and dependence on nature;

  3. Recognize the ecological and social effects of personal lifestyle choices;

  4. Be empowered to change behaviors and habits;

  5. Develop skills which will strengthen their home and school communities.

Sustainability Education

What is Sustainability Education?

Organizations whose ultimate purpose is education — be they outdoor schools, indoor schools, NGO's or others — embody a core set of values that determine their direction and approach. At Sea to Sky we are an outdoor school for sustainability education. This means that through our learning adventures all of us, youth and adults alike, at the most fundamental level will improve our effectiveness as citizens in our home communities.

Sustainability education should make each of us more thankful for what we have and more competent in creating durable, resilient, and responsible lives. It is a beautiful world and each of us is needed to protect, restore and enhance the relationship between people and this precious planet, in whatever way we can. This is the essence of sustainability education and this is what Sea to Sky Outdoor School is all about.