Day Programs

Primary And Elementary 


Primary and Elementary Groups

Explore - Discover - Guardian    Edge-ucator

E.D.G.E Day Program

In the E.D.G.E Program, students explore the coastal margins of Howe Sound and discover the complex interconnected relationships of the human and non-human world. 

They learn the importance of Guardianship for this beautiful place and gain insight and knowledge through inquirty based learning to become Edge-ucators themselves. 

Elementary Groups

A new world to discover,

new directions to explore

Discovery Day Program

The Discovery Program presents students with a new compass.  One whose directions lead us to connect with Nature, guide us toward Sustainability, asks us about Ethics and directs us to Work together for a better World. 

Students explore these “directions” through a program of games, team initiatives, interpretive hikes, ocean exploration, group discussion, solitude spots, forest activities, 


Primary, Elementary and Middle School Groups

Get Outside For Wisdom Inspiration and Leadership Development

GOWILD Day Program

The GO WILD program is a celebration of wild places.   


GO WILD is our wildest, wettest, sluggiest program, with the most creek-walking, trail-blazing, barefoot-in-the-forest experiences.


Facilitated activities in wild places engage students in expanding their comfort zones and connecting with the wisdom that can be found in the wild. They will develop their confidence, curiosity, and vision of themselves as resilient humans and leaders.

Middle and Secondary 

Middle and Secondary School

Connect with yourself, others and the natural world


The Connections day program offers place based education in forested classrooms. 


Students will explore inter-connected relationships, and build an understanding of the 'big picture': a world buzzing with connections and awash with ripple effects from individual and collective actions. It is from this place that a sense of belonging and citizenship can grow and leaders can emerge.

Connections is also about connection in classroom learning with outdoor school learning.  

Sea To Sky's expert team of teachers can support you as a teacher to teach

​unit material related to Science, English, Social Students, PE, Art, Music, Drama, Home Economics, and more.  

Middle and Secondary School

Leadership for a resilient future

Leadership School

The challenges and opportunities of the 21st century demand a new and enlightened form of leadership which understands and acts on the imperative of sustainability and the wisdom of 'less is more'. The greatest attribute of a 21st century leader is resilience.  


This program blends nature immersion with facilitated activities and workshops that invite students to critically consider the role of leadership in society and to reflect upon their own personal leadership styles, whilst developing the skills and tools to be effective leaders.

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