A new world to discover

New directions to explore

Grades: 5, 6, 7 & 8

Duration: 3 days

During this program students will:

  • Build community with their classmates

  • Participate in skills based and BIG ideas based workshops

  • Paddle big canoes

  • Sit alone in the forest

  • Play forest games

  • Get up close and personal with all manner of slimy things

  • Be able to use their New Compass to guide them to individual and community actions that will lead to a more sustainable and resilient connection to themselves others and the natural world.

The Discovery Program offers a New Compass, which can serve as guide and touchstone for students as they are confronted with the many personal and societal challenges of our time.







The cardinal points of the Discovery compass are Nature, Sustainability, Ethics and how We can Work together.

Students explore these “directions” through a program of field games, team initiatives, interpretive hikes, workshops, ocean exploration, group discussion, solitude spots, forest activities, and campfire celebrations.


They spend time in the wild, build community with their classmates, learn about some of the issues and opportunities our society is facing, and reflect on what matters to them and how they make decisions.

The compass metaphor and its interconnected directions provide students with a different way of seeing the world — one that is more grounded, authentic and responsive to their needs as young people.