sustainability Educators

Sea to Sky Outdoor School employs quality educators to work in outdoor classrooms with students to foster personal connections with the land, build ecological literacy, and teach curriculum directed toward sustainability and resilience. 

Sea to Sky Educators have the following characteristics, experience and qualifications:

- Teaching experience at both elementary and high school levels

- skilled in group facilitation and dynamics

- Excellent communication skills and proven team member

- Models a 'less is more' philosophy

- Indefatigable, all weather education with backcountry skills

- Wilderness first aid training

- Employs musical and theatrical talents in teaching

- Is resourceful and adaptable when confronted with change

- High levels of positive energy with a good sense of humour

- Employs Jedi mind tricks as needed. 

Key Responsibilities of Sea to Sky Staff:

- Curriculum based teaching to students from grade 3 - 12 in an outdoor classroom

- Seasonal work in an island setting for 3-5 day programs

- Contribution to program design and development

- Professionalism and ambassador of Sea To Sky Outdoor School

If you are interested in employment opportunities please join us as a volunteer for one of our program and and email your resume to

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