Forest Friends Program

A year-long, nature-based program for grades 2-4, based in Roberts Creek, BC.

We are now accepting applications for the 2021-2022 school year. Please email for more information. 

Program Description


Sea to Sky Outdoor School’s Forest Friends program is an immersive, nurturing, nature-based program for primary students. The program runs four days a week from September to June.


We value a hands-on environment where children are encouraged to play, where learning is guided by curiosity, and where children’s relationship and connection to nature is regarded as a cornerstone for healthy social and emotional growth. The curriculum is guided by the BC curriculum and Core Competencies. Our goal is to set learners up for a lifetime of deep connection to nature, excitement for learning and comfort in the natural world. 


Each week, students will have three days of nature-based learning, including building, crafts, ecology, geography, wild skills and forest adventures. The fourth day will be focused on academic learning, supporting students and their families with learning the math, reading and writing competencies required by the BC Curriculum. The academic day will be offered in partnership with Island Discovery Learning Community, enabling us to complete all required reporting to the Ministry of Education. 




Our home base is at 3037 Grauman Road in upper Robert’s Creek. We have a home forest and a lovely indoor classroom in a beautiful 2000 square foot workshop with excellent light, ventilation and a wood burning stove. This Nature Nest is walking distance to the extensive creeks and magnificent wilderness of the Day Road Forest. 




Chael MacArthur and Kaz Armstrong are both certified teachers and experienced Outdoor School educators. They are excited to build and run the Forest Friends program for a second year.


Chael is a director of Sea of Sky Outdoor School and an exceptional outdoor educator, designing and delivering programs for young people as well as professional development for other teachers. Chael brings music, playfulness, and great attention and curiosity to students’ interests and ideas. He is passionate about creating opportunities for students to connect to themselves and to nature.


Kaz has worked as an outdoor educator for the past ten years. She attended Queen’s University where she received a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Education, specializing in outdoor and experiential education. Kaz has a breadth of experience working with young people aged 5-18 in a variety of settings around the world. Her passion lies in creating safe and inclusive spaces for kids to learn and grow.