Leadership School

Get connected. Ask questions. Go barefoot. Have fun.

Leadership is not a position or a title, it is action and example. 

Students in Grade 9,10, 11 & 12 interested in a life changing leadership opportunity are invited to participate in 4 days of invigorating outdoor activity, powerful learning experience and inspirational community living. 


Our aim is to explore effective leadership in the 21st century and to empower students to be positive change agents at home and school. 


This intensive outdoor experience is a blend of sustainability education, outdoor pursuits, and individual and team initiatives.  Activities include ocean paddling,  night hikes, workshops, problem solving, small group discussions, action planning, music and theater all within the context of a shared community experience.  


Leadership School is also a place for young passionate leaders to connect and build communities to support each other as we face the challenges of our time.


March 25 - 28, 2019  

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I benefitted from this program by being inspired.  It taught me how to believe in myself & spread ideas, and to activate change.  From this school I also gained a deeper understanding of tea work, group dynamics and myself.  Thank you for such a unique experience.  You changed the way i look at the world. 

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I have never felt freer, more alice, more welcomed.  I feld like i've lnever learned more in al the years of my life.

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What did I learn from spending four days at Sea To Sky Leadership School?  What diddn't I leanr?  I could easily write a novel aout all fo the many thing I discovered and experiences I had.   The thinkgs I leanred on this trip I will carry with me for the rest of my life and have me constantly thinking outwards to what I can be, what I can do.


Information for teachers and parents

Sea to Sky Outdoor School programs are facilitated and organized by a team of certified teachers who are experts at creating meaningful experiences in outdoor classrooms.  

Our purpose in running Leadership School is to provide a leadership development opportunity that empowers youth to take effective action in their school and home communities.

The per student cost for Leadership School is $450 for the 4 day program including meals and lodging. It is hoped that a significant portion of the tuition would come from funding sources within or outside the school, thereby helping students and their families to manage the expense.

Please download our Leadership School Information Letter to learn more.