Our Approach

At Sea to Sky we combine a generous dose of optimism, realism and good humour in a caring community with a heap of 'small footprint' fun and wilderness adventure to develop curriculum that engages students in recognizing and connecting with the greatest challenges of our time.

Our Pedagogical Frameworks


The 3Rs at Sea To Sky Outdoor School:

At Sea To Sky Outdoor School, we look out onto a world that is ripe with challenge and change.  We see a world where the realities of climate change have been largely ignored; where poverty, both at home and abroad, continues to darken every neighbour's door; where economies grow to excess despite the people and the planet.


But, we also see the power of young people who are looking for connection; who have passion in their hearts and vision in their minds; who, supported by quality education and sound mentorship, will help build resilient communities that will thrive today and tomorrow.


With this vision of hope, Sea To Sky engages with students, educators and elders to build curriculum based on provincial and school curriculum standards that supports students to grow into the leaders of the 21st Century. 

The 3 R's at Sea To Sky Outdoor School provides the basis for this collaboration and creative vision:


If it's REAL then learners will connect on a visceral level with who they are and who they are not. An opportunity to understand their honest and authentic passions is paramount. Community which is way bigger than just people will be revealed.

If it's RELEVANT learners will move beyond the superficial, the trivial and the 'busywork'. It has to be meaningful and pertinent to where they and our world are presently at. Nothing less will do.

If it's REVOLUTIONARY then boldness will have won out over timidity. Learners will explore their assumptions and 'subversive' ideas about the speed of their lives, busyness, preoccupation with things and … how much is enough. Active citizenship will rule.




At Sea to Sky Outdoor School

we believe in...

  • The strength of community

  • Adults and youth learning together

  • The leadership abilities of all students

  • Exercising the whole student

  • The lessons and wonder of Nature

  • Outdoor learning through discovery and adventure

  • The power of teamwork

  • Seeing things whole

  • The value of a questioning mind

  • Less is more

  • The individual as a powerful agent of change

  • Change by way of small steps

  • The importance of Diversity

  • Ecological literacy as core curriculum



We believe that youth and adults alike will be wiser, healthier, happier and more caring members of their home and school communities the more connected they become with the natural world. It is from this compassionate place that we believe responsible actions are born, each of which contributes to making this world a better place.