Dear Parents,

Welcome to Sea To Sky Outdoor School. 

Thank you for trusting us with the care and education of your child.  At Sea To Sky Outdoor School, we believe outdoor classrooms provide students with the opportunities to explore creativity and learning in deep and meaningful ways as they strengthen their knowledge of themselves, others and the natural world. 

Above all, we aim to facilitate this learning in a safe and welcoming environment that ensures success for all students.  


On this page you will find information regarding our sites, specific policies and important forms.  If you have any questions please contact us.  

Best wishes,


Robyn & Chael

Campus and Accommodation


Sea To Sky Outdoor School at Camp Elphinstone - Sunshine Coast


Camp Elphinstone is our Outdoor School campus on the Sunshine Coast. This campus provides a semi-circular cluster of winterized cabins & lodges.


Cabins sleep 11 students and 1 adult supervisor. Inside are bunk style beds with sealed mattresses; washrooms with sinks; flush toilets and showers are in a separate building close by.


The lodges sleep 28-32 people with bathroom and shower facilities within each lodge. The campus includes a large rec hall, cafeteria and health centre.

Click Here for a photographic tour of Sea To Sky at Camp Elphinstone.

Sea To Sky Outdoor School at Camp Fircom - Gambier Island

Camp Fircom is our Outdoor School site on Gambier Island. The facility provides a large cluster of cabins with bunk bed accomodation.


Each cabin sleeps 10-14 students. Washrooms are new and include shower facilities.

Click Here for a photographic tour of Sea To Sky at Camp Fircom


Students are provided a full meal plan in a cafeteria style setting. Meals are tasty, nutritious and ample, with choices for vegetarians and meat eaters alike.

The cooks work hard to ensure that dietary preferences, food allergies and sensitivities are taken into consideration in their preparation of all meals. In rare cases, if your child has significant food restrictions, you may have to supply some meals for your child.


When you complete your son's or daughter's "Personal Profile", you will be asked to indicate your child's dietary restrictions. If you have any concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.


It is essential that parents know their children are safe and in good hands at Sea To Sky. Safety has to be our number one concern at the Outdoor School.

Sea To Sky core staff have Wilderness First Aid certification and are well versed in our detailed safety protocols.


Professional development time has been provided to ensure that risks have been assessed and minimized, and a comprehensive response plan will implemented in the event of an incident.


Students and teachers are briefed at the beginning of each program about safety precautions, rules and expectations that will help keep everyone safe.


Injury prevention is a philosophy that is incorporated into all program activities. In the event that a student requires medical care, transport to a nearby medical clinic or hospital is arranged as required.

Inclusion and Safe Space

At Sea To Sky we wholeheatedly believe in the value of time spent in the natural world for all individuals.  We are committed to making Sea To Sky a safe and accessible environment for all including but not exclusive to:

  • Persons with mobility challenges.

  • Personal with learning challenges.

  • Persons with communication challenges.

  • All genders.

  • Members of the LGBTQ+ community.

  • Members of all socioeconomic backgrounds.

If you, or your child, perceive a barrier to attending Sea To Sky Outdoor School, please let us know.

We will do everything in our power to remove that barrier.

Expectations of Adult Volunteers

All visiting schools are required to bring sufficient adult volunteers in order to meet a 1:10 adult to student ratio. These adults play an important role in supporting the Sea To Sky staff in program delivery and cabin supervision.

Whether teachers, parents or senior high school students, we ask that all volunteers familiarize themselves with their respective roles and the expectations of Sea To Sky.


Please click here to read about these expectations in a downloadable PDF document.

If you have volunteered as a parent to participate in a Sea to Sky program, we thank you for your valuable contribution. Some of our best ambassadors have been parents who have attended as volunteers, have immersed themselves as 'learners' and have contributed immensely to a safe, rich and exciting educational experience.


An absolutely positive, useful learning experience. Great cause, well taught, very enlightening—should make this course content available for adults as well.

“These days were so inspirational. They have made me more aware of the world around me, the impact I have on it and the relationships I have in it. I have brought home many things I have learned. The Sea To Sky staff are superb. It's a difficult job convincing 65 cool teenagers that the environment and the Sea To Sky message are relevant. And did they ever succeed!”

“In my 25 years of participating in a wide variety of outdoor school programs, Sea To Sky leads the way in safety and risk management.”