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Back Yard Adventure Time

In my community here on the Sunshine Coast, our family and several other families in the neighbourhood are participating in what we are calling The Quarantine Cup.

Here is how it works:

I created a group on a website/app called Cluster. It is like Instagram or Facebook but only the people you invite can see the content and there are no ads or silliness - super simple and super easy. There are several such sites/apps out there.

Every day, I post a new challenge to the feed. Here is an example:

Challenge #6

The Ground is Lava!!


Starting at the front door of your home or building you have to circumnavigate your house with out stepping on the ground.


1. You cannot use any item for its intended purpose. ie: You can't just ride your bike around the house.

2. Your deck counts as the ground.

3. Concrete counts as the ground.

4. You can you natural objects as long as they were put in place by you.

5. You can touch the ground while building your path. Once you are finished building, you have just enough time to leap into your front door before the ground turns to lava.

Points: 5 points added to your total score for completion.

Bonus Points: Anyone can give bonus points for any reason to pictures or videos posted on Cluster. All bonus points count toward the total team score.

Adult Challenge:

The fanciest drink...

Submit an artistic photograph of yourself enjoying a fancy beverage of any kind outside.

2 points for completion

1 point for a photo that screams 'artsy'.


The Q-Cup has keep us connected as a community; given motivations to families to create fun and meaningful memories; and kept us busy playing outside.

Try it for your community, classroom or family. Need some ideas for daily challenges? Send e an email at chael@seatosky.bc.ca.

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