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Earth Day Activity

This Earth Day I will be celebrating the amazing team of Islanders (teachers) that have worked and work at Sea to Sky Outdoor School.

I am taking a rest from the news. I am stepping back for one day from the ever present climate crisis we are in. I will go back there tomorrow, but today is a day of celebration.

Today I will not only celebrate the Earth and all that is given. I will also celebrate those in my life who act as champions for the planet and the good acts and victories of activists, protectors, thinkers, and doers.  This is where the Islander Team comes in:  Educators who have the earth in mind.  Thank you for being part of the Sea to Sky Outdoor School team.  I look forward to seeing you all again soon

Earth Day Activity:

Using used materials, make a card that celebrates someone in your community you think is a planet champion: someone who really shows care for the earth.

Give your card to that person. You can leave it on their door step or mail it to them.

It's simple. It's gratitude. Give is freely.

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