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Fast Fashion Resources and Activities

The following link connects to the Think Thrice About Your Clothes published by Metro Vancouver.

It is an informative, eye opening and practical response to the excessive waste created by fast fashion.

Not only does it provide the fast facts on the issue, it provides detailed guides on home to mend clothes, assess quality of clothes and reduce clothes waste.

After you take a look at the website, come take a look at some of my at home learning activities listed below.


At home learning activities:

1. Choose X number of clothing from your closet. After throughly inspecting the clothes lay them out in the order of best quality to worst quality.

2. Divide your bed into 3 sections and lay all of your clothes into 3 categories:

Wear every week / wear once a month / have not worn in a month

a) Why do certain clothes get worn more than others

b) Do I have any actual clothing needs

c) Can i donate any of these clothes at a later time

3. Find a piece of clothing that is missing a button or has a hole. Use the website video to repair it. You may get help from a adult but you have to help

4. Using one odd sock, buttons and other items around your house build a puppet by practising your sewing skills learned from the website and other resources.

Assessment (if this is happening for you:

1. Submit a form of media to a closed site. Many teachers have something that works but check with administrators and colleagues to find what works for them. I use an app called Cluster that looks and feels like Instagram but it is closed to the public and is only accessible to individuals with a like to my feed.

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