• Tuckamore (Chael)

Spring planting

Take advantage of the new spring weather to enhance botanical knowledge and conduct interesting experiments.

1. Plant a number of seeds in small containers - be a Green Star and use items from your overflowing recycling bin.

2. Place seed containers in various locations around your home or outdoors

a. N, E, S, W facing windows

b. Sun and Shade outside

c. High dry spots and low wet spots

d, Next to trees, in open areas.

3. Visit the seedlings daily to water and observe changes you see. Each day record the changes in an 'observations log'.

Record date: how long are the sprouts? Do they grow in a certain direction? Are they hardy or spindly?

4. After visiting all your seed locations, read back over all of your observations and write a 'wonder' or a 'Thinker thought.'

Ex: "I wonder what would happen if I move this plant to another location"

Ex: " I think plants like the sun because they like how the sun feels on their petals."

5. Chat with an adult about your wonders and thoughts.

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