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The reading Tree

This is a simple one.

Pick a book. Pick a tree. Designate a spot under a tree outside or an indoor alternative for the real drippy days.


1. The family book club

- everyone in the family read the same book (might have to use digital copies)

- prepare a question to discuss at dinner at intervals (after every chapter or 2) or when everyone has read the book.

2. Peer book clubs

- choose a family(s) with kids of a similar reading level. At intervals or when the book is read host an online book chat using Zoom, House Party, Facetime etc..

3. Make a game about the book

- design a charades or taboo type game based on things and character in the book

- play with your family or friends online

For teachers:

1. Send parents an outdoor reading time log. Have students fill out their log and record and complete entries based on activities you design.

2. If you are super tech saavy you can have students send a pic and a small note on their reading tree.

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